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Arlene Vicencio, PA Cosmetic Specialist With 20 years experience as a Physician Assistant including over 10 years experience in non surgical skin care, Arlene’s expertise is unmatched. She specializes in BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® as well as dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvéderm™, and Sculptra®. She is fluent in Tagalog and Spanish  

4 Core Brochure

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ED Promotion

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EFFECTIVE, SAFE, NON-DRUG ACOUSTIC COMPRESSION (ESWT) TREATMENT FOR ERECTILE DYSFUNTION As part of Relief Medical Group’s Four Core System, and specifically under “function better” we offer the most advanced, correction-oriented treatment approach to erectile dysfunction (ED). As a full-service medical group, we can offer other effective temporary treatments for ED, such as a prescription for…

Happy Clients

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“Dr. Cremata is one of the most genuine, humble and talented doctors I’ve ever been to. I have had much experience with Botox in the past and it was like a breath of fresh air coming out of the office feeling beautiful because ‘Dr. C’ has a way of pointing out the good in my…


About Us

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Edward Cremata, DC, RN Nursing and Rehabilitation Director Dr. Cremata has provided health care services to the community for 33 years with vast experience in multidisciplinary spinal pain relief and rehabilitation programs. His decades as a practicing chiropractor bring patient-oriented and evidence-informed treatment protocols for application into the medical treatment provided at Relief Medical Group,…

Relief Medical Group

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Your partners in restoring function, feeling more youthful, and alleviating pain Tel: 510 796 2225Fax: 510 792 0802 Email: [email protected]   Edward Cremata, DC, RN Nursing and Rehabilitation DirectorProfessor Palmer College of Chiropractor-West Edmund Kemprud, MD Emergency MedicineFamily Practice       SPINAL AND JOINT APPROACHESCorrection-focused spinal and joint rehabilitation programs with multidisciplinary input. PAIN RELIEF…


Botox and Fillers

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BOTOX – PREVENTIVE AND REJUVENATION TREATMENT FOR FACIAL WRINKLES The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) teaches that Botox injections have preventive uses for younger patients and rejuvenation uses for those with already established facial wrinkling (see quotation below). “Share with the patient that the best use for Botox is preventative – NOT…


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Click any article to open it as a PDF in a new window. ACA Blue CCHIP Summaries Cystometry 2010 study Cystometry FULL 2 10 DC care and the heart Chap 10 7.14 Effects of lat bend original 1989 Flu Vaccine JAMA Flu meta 10.11 Gonstead approach-cremata etal Janneta 1 CNS disease 3.13 Jannetta Neurogenic hypertension…

Manipulation Under Anesthesia/Fibrosis Release Procedures

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Is chronic pain interfering with your life? Think you’ve tried everything? Think Again! “The best thing about MUA/FRP is that it gives you your life back!” When intense, chronic pain doesn’t respond to conservative or traditional treatments, surgery is not the only remaining option. There is an alternative. In fact, debilitating problems may persist even…

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Diet and Supplementation

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Do dietary supplements (including vitamins and minerals) really offer a significant health benefit? Yes. Decades of scientific studies confirm that dietary supplementation can improve overall health, improve or prevent disease, and even reduce the risk of serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Can supplementation make up for a poor diet? No. Although supplements…