Spinal and Joint Approaches


Have you visited one or more medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, acupuncturists, or other providers looking for relief of your spine and joint problems, but still have problems?  

At Relief Medical Group we are pleased to provide you with the most comprehensive, scientifically-based, multi-disciplinary approaches to relieve your spinal and joint pain with techniques and procedures that don’t just relieve pain, but actually address the cause of your condition. We have very effective treatment procedures available to you all under one roof.

All of our spinal and joint pain and rehabilitation programs are provided under the direction of Dr. Cremata. These services may be reimbursable under the medical coverage portion of your insurance.

First, our multifaceted group of available treatment programs are designed specifically to address your health goals – we don’t offer you too much or too little treatment, since we work for you and are here to help meet your specific pain relief and spinal/joint correction goals. Some might need medications that we can provide, but the emphasis is on addressing the cause of your problems:

  1. If you have joint restrictions, specific, safe, and effective spinal manipulation techniques will be provided.
  2. Rehabilitative exercises will be prescribed and supervised to address your specific needs.
  3. Massage and myofascial release techniques are used when needed.
  4. Injection techniques, such as dry needling, can be used to address trigger points that do not respond to more conservative manual methods. 

For very chronic and difficult problems, when adhesions and scar tissue are not adequately reduced with conventional approaches, the following three specialized techniques are available:

  1. Instrument myofascial release, similar to the Graston technique is available when needed.
  2. ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment) , also referred to as Acoustic Compression, is a highly effective specialized technique used to release adhesions and stimulate the body’s healing properties.
  3. Fibrosis Release Procedures, Including Manipulation Under Anesthesia are very effective procedure to release joint adhesions and improve motion. This procedure is nearly 100% effective for frozen shoulder syndrome (adhesive capsulitis), and approximately 70% effective in addressing the more serious neuromechanical lesions in the spine, where in-office procedures have not been effective. This manual, non-surgical procedures gently releases adhesions that are reducing joint mobility and allow for proper healing of the previously restricted areas with more optimal motion. See the current guidelines for MUA at this link MUA Guideline. For those wishing to review research on this subject, go to this link [MUA studies].


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