sacrum pain

Sacral Insufficiency Fracture: What You Need to Know

sacrum pain

There is nothing worse than a mysterious pain in the backside

Sacral insufficiency fractures can cause exactly that- pain without a seeming rhyme or reason. The unfortunate truth is that you don’t need to be involved in a car accident, have a serious fall, or sustain any kind of trauma to the back to start feeling symptoms of pain in the sacrum. “Sacral insufficiency fractures,” are stress fractures that result from normal stress on a structurally weakened bone. 

What causes sacral insufficiency fracture?

Conditions such as osteoporosis cause changes to the bone structure, which means that the bone is no longer strong enough to support the weight of the patient’s body, let alone exterior traumatic forces. With a weakened tailbone area, the compression of gravity and the weight of your body can overwhelm the structures and cause stress fractures. This injury is most likely going to occur on one side of the sacrum, but in extreme cases, it can occur on both sides simultaneously; in this case, there is further risk of a fracture occurring horizontally across the sacrum, joining the two. You don’t need to be experiencing this pain to imagine how bad it can get. 

Symptoms of sacral insufficiency fractures include:

  • Pain in the buttocks, back, hips, pelvis 
  • Difficulty walking and using the bathroom
  • Limited range of motion in the lower back

Treatments for sacral insufficiency fractures in Fremont

At Relief Medical Group, we are dedicated to using the latest non-surgical techniques to help you overcome sacral insufficiency fractures. Most sacrum pain can be healed without the need for surgical intervention- at our office in Fremont we utilize hands-on modalities to increase range of motion in the spine, improve circulation and facilitate the healing process. A period of rest may need to be observed when pain is at its zenith, but from here we focus on therapeutic stretching, diet and resumption of normal activity to mitigate sacral pain and help you move on with your life. If you are interested in overcoming sacral pain in the Fremont area, give our office a call and let’ s get started today!

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