Reading in bed

Reading in Bed Without Hurting Your Back

Reading in bed

Reading in bed is the ultimate way to relax

Likewise watching Netflix or other forms of television in bed provide a much needed way to unwind. No one would argue that getting in your comfy clothes and submerging yourself under the covers is one of the best ways to relax. In fact, as practitioners of holistic wellness, we believe that true relaxation is a cornerstone of well being. But it is always worth investigating whether your relaxation is taking a toll on your spine. Unless you put time and effort into perfecting your bed’s ergonomic set up, you could actually be causing damage to your spine as you relax.

Ergonomic solutions for relaxing in bed

 When relaxing in bed, we should always strive to be as close to neutral posture as possible. We can do this by using our pillows as props to support both our necks, lower backs and books (or computers). 

  • Place one pillow under your legs to ease tension on the lower back and promote better circulation.
  • Place one pillow over your knees to support your reading material and arms 
  • Place one pillow under your lower back to support the lumbar region 
  • Place one pillow on top of the lumbar support to maintain spinal alignment through the upper back.
  • Use one further pillow to maintain straight, supported alignment of the spine through the neck. 

In this way, your reading material should be at eye level and you shouldn’t have to crane your neck forward to enjoy your entertainment. Back care stores carry specialized pillows to support neutral alignment while sitting in bed, but you can do it by yourself using the pillows you already have! 

Improve your ergonomics with the help of Relief Medical Group

At our office in Fremont, we are dedicated to helping you change your way of life to account for your spinal health. Ergonomics are a good place to start- give our office a call to schedule an appointment and we can start working on ergonomic solutions for all phases of the day. 

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