Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy begins with the best available hormone testing using some blood tests and some urine tests. For simple conditions, often a blood value is all that is needed. For more complicated conditions, the 24-hour urine testing can more comprehensibly assess hormone levels and hormone utilization in the body. You can learn about this testing at www.dutchtest.com.

Hormone replacement therapy can be provided safely and effectively if managed by experienced, trained, and certified health care personnel. At Relief Medical Group, Inc., patients have this highly effective treatment available for them as provided by trained and certified doctors and nurses. All programs are supervised and approved by Edmund Kemprud, MD, the medical director.

The goal is not to provide high doses of hormones that are unnatural to the body and can carry high risks, but to determine the needed doses of hormone topical creams to bring the blood laboratory values back to more normal and optimal physiological function levels. The doctors and nurses at Relief Medical Group, Inc. strive to return your hormonal levels back to a time where you were younger and did not suffer deficiency symptoms – not to raise your blood level to high medicinal levels for a desired effect that may come with increased health risks. Blood values are monitored to assess individual effects to hormone therapy to achieve optimal safe, effective, and more youthful levels of hormones.

When testosterone deficiency is present, men and women can complain of a loss of sexual desire, loss of muscle mass, loss of energy, and a lessened ability to concentrate. We can provide testosterone for you and any other supplements or medication that may be required for your individual needs to assure that you are optimally metabolizing this hormone.

When Estrogen and Progesterone are out of balance in women, sexual dysfunction including lubrication deficiencies, cramping, irregular menstruation, mood changes, and related symptoms can take place. Symptoms related to menopause are typically caused by a sharp decrease in Estrogen production can be alleviated with hormonal balancing in patients with deficiencies or imbalances of these hormones. We assess these conditions for you using blood and urine testing as needed, and may refer you to a OB/GYN or endocrinology specialist as required for your specific needs.

If patients have an abnormally low Growth Hormone level, they feel unusually fatigued, have accelerated skin aging, and can have difficulty benefiting from exercise to develop strength and muscle tone. While few patients require this therapy when compared to the more common low testosterone findings, this is available for those with substantial deficiencies that are interfering with optimal healthful functions.

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