Headaches fremont

Envisioning a New Year with Less Headaches

Headaches fremont

Chronic headache sufferers have little cause for cheer during the holidays

If you suffer from regular headaches, it can be hard to know when one will strike. This can be particularly prominent during the holiday season when you are surrounded by holiday cheer one minute, then stricken by a headache the next. Headaches menace people of all ages and health profiles, and our medical community is still at an early level of understanding the causes which contribute to this menace of society. If you suffer from headaches we are willing to wager that you are interested in prevention. At our office in Fremont, we realize that banishing headaches forever may not be realistic. However, we can strive to reduce the intensity, duration and frequency of your headaches to help you live a better life despite your condition

Natural methods for headache prevention 

Taking medication for headaches is important if your headache is so severe that you literally can’t focus on anything else. But once we have reduced severity in the short term, we should turn our attention towards preventing the frequency of recurrence in the future. Here are our all-natural methods for preventing headaches: 

  • Focus on improving circulation: for both tension and migraine headaches, better circulation is an important element of prevention. 
  • Check your eyesight: shifting your focus and perspective can cause headaches. Make sure that your eyes are supported by corrective lenses.
  • Focus on posture: poor spinal health can cause referred pain that originates further down the spine. 
  • Stay hydrated: dehydration is epidemic in America. And while it’s role as a headache trigger is little understood, there is no getting away from the fact that it does cause them. 
  • Fearlessly search for triggers: keep a journal of when your headaches occur. You may be able to discern a pattern which points to certain foods, activities or settings which lead to headaches. 

Taking the fight to headaches in Fremont 

At Relief Medical Group, we remain motivated to help people find solutions for preventing headaches. We can help you determine individual triggers and musculoskeletal shortcomings that may be contributing to your chronic headaches. Chiropractic modalities help improve circulation and open up blood vessels and oxygenate cells in the neck and head. Spinal adjustment restores spinal alignment and alleviates nerve compression which may be causing referred pain. If you are interested in taking the fight to your chronic headaches, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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