erectile dysfunction stress

Erectile Dysfunction and Psychological Stress

erectile dysfunction stress

Many cases of penile dysfunction are not actually ED

In fact, it is important to differentiate whether an actual physical reason is preventing you from achieving an erection or if you simply have what is known as erectile dissatisfaction. This kind of ED means that gaining and maintaining erections may be more difficult but not impossible. Many men become frustrated and give up on trying to achieve an erection, without giving themselves the time or relaxation they need. Whether you have erectile dissatisfaction or erectile dysfunction, not being able to achieve an erection can take a serious psychological toll. 

ED and stress

This is a vicious cycle: when a man is frustrated by his inability to gain or maintain an erection, it can add a psychological burden that makes the problem even more difficult to overcome. Stress causes ED, but stress is also caused by ED. Acoustic compression seeks to solve this problem by making it easier for a man to achieve an erection, therefore reducing the amount of stress that ED is causing in his life. 

Acoustic compression helps to remove you from this vicious cycle 

No man wants to live with the personal stress and the relationship stress that is caused by erectile dysfunction. If you are struggling with stress from ED, it is time to do something about it! Acoustic compression is a steadily-proven treatment for ED that can leave you with long-lasting improvement in as few as six visits. If you are interested in finding out if acoustic compression could significantly improve your sex life and dramatically reduce stress, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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