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Conservative Care First for Back Pain

conservative care

What is your first line of treatment for back pain? 

When it comes to injury, whether it be acute or chronic, and the pain that comes with it, there are many options available to you for treatment. It is unfortunate that the norm in our society is for back pain sufferers to choose, or be guided to choose, pharmaceutical medication or surgery as their first method of treatment. The reality is that these aggressive forms of treatment are only absolutely necessary in a minority of cases and they come with zero guarantee of eliminating pain while also coming with a host of potentially debilitating side effects. 

Conservative care is the first line of defense

Conservative care is a method that tends to get a smaller share of the spotlight, but it is perhaps a more reasoned way of treating your pain. Conservative care means exercising control over the factors you can; and helping your body to heal itself and keep pain at bay. Methods for doing this include: 

  • Making dietary changes
  • Finding ways to reduce stress and find more sleep
  • Managing weight
  • Exercising more 

These are the tried and true methods that give your body the boost it needs to spark your immune and nervous systems into action in defense of your health. Chiropractic goes one step further by correcting spinal misalignment and the dysfunction that results. At Relief Medical Group, we examine and detect spinal dysfunction at the source and set a course for treatment that will help you regain lost range of motion and reduce pain, enabling you to move forward with beneficial exercise and stretching.

Conservative care first

One thing that people forget is that conservative care is the front line defense. If several months of treating your condition conservatively produce little to no success, then it is worth looking at other treatments. Furthermore, pain relief with chiropractic is a good indicator of success with surgery. If you are interested in treating your pain in a natural manner, with few side effects save for improved well-being, give our office a call to schedule an appointment and start the conversation today. 

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