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Common Sense Saves You a lot of Back Pain

Chiropractor fremont

Listening to your body goes a long way

Too many people live their life at a pace too busy to consider their body’s internal signals. Technology is making it easier than ever to delegate the responsibility of listening to your body to your phone. There are apps that will ping reminding you to drink water, stretch, or take a break from the computer screeen. And while smart apps are designed to optimize our lives, we often find that all the optimization distracts us from what really matters: being in touch with our bodies. Besides, if you are too busy to remind yourself to stretch, you can just as easily ignore an app that tries to perform the same function. Now consider that instead of ignoring signals of muscle tension, you constantly ignore signals of pain. Human bodies are infinitely more powerful than we give them credit for: our capacity to perform everyday functions despite serious pain signals has the potential to cause a lot of problems in our lives. 

Getting back in touch by listening to your body

At Relief Medical Group, we are big fans of common sense; and common sense dictates that we should listen to our bodies. When you feel a twinge of pain, don’t ignore it or file it away to be dealt with at a later time. If it is possible, do something in that moment to address the pain signal. This helps you prevent the problems from compounding down the line. Here are some tips for getting in touch with our body to prevent pain:

  • Slow down: perhaps the most obvious, but most difficult tip of them all. Moving too fast causes us to sacrifice our health in order to get ahead. You may ignore your inner wisdom that tells you how to lift a heavy object and instead simply bend from the hips and spring upward, causing immeasurable damage to the spine. 
  • Drink water: it may be the slightest twinge of headache; dehydration often manifests itself in the subtlest of ways. But getting your recommended amount of water each day can do a lot of good for brain and body. 
  • Rest: stop overdoing everything all the time. You know when you are run down; equally, you know the maximum load your body and brain can take before breaking. Always seek balance, and rest instead of pushing it too far. 

Saving your back by listening to your body

When your body speaks, listen. This is the most powerful method we have for keeping ourselves healthy. At Relief Medical Group, we are in the business of designing natural solutions that help you beat back pain and live a full life. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Fremont a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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