opioid and back pain

Are Opioids for Back Pain Management as Effective as we Thought?

opioid and back pain

Opioids versus conservative care for managing back pain

Because of their reputation as strong painkillers, opioids are often prescribed for the management of severe, chronically recurring back pain. But a new study by researchers at the University of Minnesota, information for which can be found here, is showing that we may want to think twice before using opioids to treat back pain. The study compares 240 veterans using opioids to manage back pain versus a group that was using non-opioid methods for controlling back pain. The study concluded that opioids do not offer a significant advantage in pain management, while also coming with a long list of side effects including the risk for addiction. 

Managing back pain without drugs or surgery means committing to a new lifestyle. 

Every aspect of our health is interlinked; therefore, exercising control over what you can becomes all the more important. For example, you may not be able to control whether you have a predisposition to certain diseases but you can certainly limit their impact with the decisions you make on a daily basis. The classic factors, including weight control, diet, exercise, stress reduction and healthy sleeping are the most important ways to keep back pain at bay. 

Chiropractic is another important, all-natural treatment for keeping back pain at bay. It fits right into this conservative lifestyle for managing back pain naturally. It is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical, but many people find that it helps them manage their pain just as effectively as any more aggressive form of treatment. The reason it is so successful is that it determines and treats the root cause of your chronic pain rather than simply masking the pain symptoms. 

Chiropractic is part of a holistic lifestyle

Chiropractic excels in all the ways that opioid treatment falls short; it is a multi-dimensional form of treating back pain that optimizes your body’s natural ability to heal and feel good.While we recognize the necessity and success of opioid prescription in many cases, there are equally as many cases which call for a more dynamic treatment. If you are interested in changing your approach to treating back pain, give our office a call to start the conversation today. 

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